Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cereal Numbers

Well, long time, no blog. Two virus attacks, personal issues, and a general lack of motivation or snags in more ambitious blog projects (like an analysis of the film version of The Loved One), but I continue to stumble upon comic or advertising ephemera which are worth sharing. So just to get the ball rolling, the first in a series of cereal ads, as seen in Archie and/or Harvey comics in 1964. This is Bullwinkle and Rocky for Cheerios; the moose likewise promoted the cereal in a series of animated spots, with the same punchline ("Watch where they're going"), but with Rocky usually replaced by the Cheerios Kid.

I wish I knew who the artist was. There's a life, a movement that makes this panel arguably superior to the actual cartoons, though certainly they may have overdone it a bit on the action lines, but it's quite effective. I particularly like the depiction of Bullwinkle's smug insoucience in panels two and four. If anyone can ID the pen behind this, please share!

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Kip W said...

I've got no ID, but I remember the strip. I probably have multiple examples of it in my battered, coverless comics from the time (as well as in the ones in better condition that I bought later).