Friday, January 9, 2009

Homicidal Little Audrey

Little Audrey, despite the billing on one of her comics, wasn't always so playful. In addition to appearing bi-monthly, she may have also suffered from an undiagnosed bi-polar disorder. See what happens when she wins a lifetime lollipop at a fair, but cynic Melvin dares to mock her.

According to Harry McCracken, Ernie Colon supplies the art on this entry. He seems to be taking a cue from Howie Post's Audrey, which stuck closer to the theatrical shorts and gave Audrey a blue ring around the black pupil. However, the blue is omitted. As a result, instead of appearing cute and winsome, Audrey appears psychopathic. I admire the zeal with which she attempts to brain Melvin with an enormous sucker. A nice touch is Melvin's sweaty terror, rendering him incapable of any utterance but a three letter "Nga!"

Another reason why a dark, dystopian Harvey film would be unnecessary.

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Kip W said...

Ho ho, readers! Looks like Melvin is going to get "sucker punched"!