Sunday, October 25, 2009

Listless for the Prosecution

Well, been awhile, hasn't it? Not that I've been the most active blogger. In recent months, humble self was pre-occupied with the El Paso Playhouse production of Witness for the Prosecution. I auditioned, since I love Agatha Christie, and to my surprise, I landed the role of the defendant Leonard Vole.

The show was... interesting. I'd be tempted to call it a trial (ahem), full of actors dropping out early on, intoxicated co-stars (at least it was limited to rehearsals), missed cues and lines, two of our actors reading their dialogue, and self hurting my left knee night after night. In the end, though, I think we acquitted ourselves handsomely, and I met some new and interesting friends.

Hope to get back to blogging here, with a ton of stuff still to scan and discuss (Bungleton awaits!) but in the meantime, I recently started a column at In contrast to these humble surroundings, Examiner writing pays (sort of, a cent per page view more or less, so please give a penny for my thoughts!)

I'm the official El Paso Cartoon Examiner, and my latest entry is here:


Kip W said...

Much enjoyed. I -think- I'm subscribed to your RSS feed now, but just in case (and for the benefit of those even less technically enlightened than myself), it wouldn't hurt for you to post a link for your columns here in Spanish Popeye.

I commented at the column as well, but since I didn't see a byline for you, I wasn't sure of the etiquette and avoided referring to you by name. Shall I call you Andrew? Mr. Leal? Wealthy Jacobus Pike?

Andrew Leal said...

My byline is Andrew Leal, actually, just in small print. I wonder if, in this economy Mr. Pike has had to change his name to Comparatively Financially Secure Jacobus.